Carefully consider your postings on the internet

Whoever is active on the internet, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or by commenting in forums and blogs should always exactly consider what is posted. Anyone, who publicly posts statements on the internet that are intended for the general public, cannot assert a right to be forgotten. This is supported by a recent verdict that makes a termination without notice of a 26-year-old trainee after an insult on Facebook legal.

The dismissed trainee has described his employer as slave driver and exploiter. The judges confirmed with their verdict that insults on social networks justify terminations without notice. It also shows that a warning or a few serious words are just not enough. Continue reading Carefully consider your postings on the internet

Some tips for social media and online reputation

With everybody taking to social networks these days, we’ve noticed some particularly brilliant campaigns which use some innovative social media strategies. We’ve also noticed some dreary, dreadful campaigns which commit all the worst social media sins.

It’s actually quite simple to run an effective social media campaign. How you tailor it to suit your business is down to your ingenuity and the adaptability of your brand, but there’s a fairly decent framework for you to work around which should nudge you in the right direction and prevent you from falling into the fiery chasm of social media faux pas from the comfort of your leather reclining sofa.

We’ve listed the top ten things you absolutely must do on your social network account, and then we’ve listed the top ten things which you absolutely must not do on any of your Twitter or Facebook presences. Continue reading Some tips for social media and online reputation

New Buttons for the New Year

In our tools-section you’ll find some brandnew versions of our Yasni and Exposé buttons. At your feedback our front-enders got down to work and produced some supply to our present button versions. Thanks for your feedback! Now there should be the perfect button for any website or blog. Especially the two smaller icon-versions have been increasingly asked for: | No. 1 free people search - Find anyone on the web | No. 1 free people search - Find anyone on the web

You can put those buttons next to other icons like Facebook, Twitter & co. Please feel free to make further suggestions if you wish to have buttons in a different size.

And don’t forget:

As a thank-you for putting a button on your website you’ll get a 30 USD discount for the one year membership of our Exposé Promotion! Just send us the link to your homepage or blog to which you have added the buttons when booking. The discount will automatically be deducted from the total amount.

Add the Yasni button in your website or blog and save

Thank you for all your support in 2010 and a Happy New Year from the whole Yasni team! I really hope that we will see us again in 2011.