Wooohooo… All About Yasni!

Finally, after several months of brainstorming and many sleepless nights we’ve finally come up with the most "creative" name for our new English blog!

Yeah, okay, maybe it isn’t so creative at all and it took us only a few minutes, but at least it breaks everything down to the essence of what you can expect here… simply, all about yasni. Meaning a lot of helpful and entertaining facts about people search, online reputation management, search engines, people and all the other things that enrich the WorldWideWeb.

Of course, we’ll also keep you posted on all activities, happenings and events on… for… with… around… and about yasni. If you have any feedback or suggestions for us, please post them in our feedback section.

Within our press corner you can delve among our latest press releases and all the nice clippings of where yasni has appeared; it’s a pretty long list… 😉

So, welcome to "about yasni" and please feel invited to join and follow us!

4 thoughts on “Wooohooo… All About Yasni!”

  1. I have tried to edit my profile from U.S.A. to Canada but it will not let me I am not American I am Canadian although My father was born in New york And I am researching American Citizenship it has not happened so far so please change my country status for me thanks

  2. When i joined Yasni I must have put the information in the wrong spot. Sorry. My name is Herb Behner and I am searching for Bonnie Davis. Can you correct this, Thank You. Herb Behner

  3. This is actually kind of funny to read where excatly are you pulling this stuff from? There’s no partnership between saxaspeak and the hoya. there was never any election blog on the hoya either.Seems to be like you guys are the one’s fooled here.

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