Here’s a list of some of the places yasni has appeared in the US and UK… and what a long list it is… 😉 . We have included links through to the news story if you would like to take a look.

2009/02/16 via Online Tech Tips
5 sites to search and find people for free
2009/02/16 via Lawyers & Technology
Where’s Waldo?
2009/02/12 via
Top 21 People Search Sites and Email Address Directories
2009/02/10 via Great Sites To Visit could be called The “underground” People Search Engine
2009/01/19 via interbiznet bugler
19th January – News In Review
2009/01/16 via TalentManagementTech
Yasni Offers HR Managers Free Social Reference Checks for Screening
2009/01/16 via Jobs in Pods
Social Media Reference Checking
2009/01/16 via Cheezhead
search engine offers free social reference checks
2009/01/13 via BNET
Q&A with Yasni Founder and CEO Steffen Rühl
2009/01/12 via SEO Chat
Yasni Puts the People in People Search
2009/01/05 via SEO Chat
Yasni: Yet Another People Search Engine?
2008/12/11 via AltSearchEngines
People Search Engine Yasni in the Top 100
2008/11/24 via Phil Bradley’s weblog
Yasni people search
2008/11/14 via CNET
More people-searching coming to U.S. thanks to Yasni
2008/11/14 via ArnoldIT
Yasni: People Search
2008/11/10 via BNET
Tech Roundup: Papermaster Stuck, Options Swim, Wipro Delays Atlanta Office

2009/01/21 via Pocket-lint
70% Brits check up on partner online
2009/01/13 via Web User
Gordon Brown: UK’s most wanted
2009/01/13 via The Style PA for Men
CELEBRITY – Most Searched for Males
2009/01/13 via USP Magazine
Politicians most popular search
2008/12/21 via Chopsy Baby
Parents Tracking Kids Online
2008/12/05 via PC Magazine
Seven in 10 parents spy on kids’ web use
2008/12/05 via Computeract!ve
Seven in 10 parents spy on kids’ web use
2008/12/05 via WhatPC?
Seven in 10 parents spy on kids’ web use
2008/12/05 via Management Consultancy
Seven in 10 parents spy on kids’ web use
2008/12/05 via Webact!ve
Seven in 10 parents spy on kids’ web use
2008/11/29 via SLEWFOOTSNOOP
Another people finder – Yasni
2008/11/26 via ITreviewed
Babysitting 2.0: Parents Track Kids Online
2008/11/26 via UK Parents Lounge
More parents spy on their kids online
2008/11/14 via Highlands and Island’s Enterprise
Free online rep research tool launches
2008/11/13 via Computer Business Review
Yasni helps UK users monitor personal information on the web
2008/11/13 via Pocket-lint

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