81 thoughts on “The Last Name Has an Impact on Your Career”


  2. As in my country Pakistan we have very similar last names, so what I think is the profession and activities of a person matters a lot. When we search for best doctors of Pakistan, we do not search by their last names as we do not know who r the best doctors and that is the reason we are searching for guidance .Similarly, if any foreigner who wants to know the art galleries of Karachi Pakistan , he will search art galleries, not by any last name. Same is the case with artists, poets, art galleries etc.

  3. I wonder i my last name Seifer is a risky one or not to pronounce. Sure its not easy living in Argentina as Im argentinian or even worse in Brasil were I chose to relocate this year.

    What I did is change my name from from a 7 letter to a 3 letter nickname TEO.


  4. Only narrow minded people think in this way, That your name affects the possibility of affecting your career or even being accept by others, lets call it a type of contrived racism and this could only be put together by the same narrow minded individuals who are running this stupid theory.

  5. I see it’s all the people with non-Anglo surnames who ae saying it doesn’t matter. One poster could not even spell “Shakespeare” correctly. As a poster with a Cetic surname, I believe surnames DO matter, as do made-up first names.

  6. This could be partially true, but also it is known that – as our commentor clleague from the above said – hard work, seriousity could make a reputation,a mark, a brand from your name!

  7. name which is popular in friend circle should be the best one, whether it is first,middle…………or the last.

  8. No. No name got any impact on carrier. But in Indian politics if you got a surname Gandhi, chance is more to get prime minister chair.Other wise nowhere name is great

  9. In some cases, yes that works, as mentioned by KKT nair in above comment, in India Politics it works with Gandhi surname. But not in every country i believe.

  10. Sometimes name has impact, Europe tourists like to deal with similar names in destinations. Example Travel Company Director in Tanzania with common name can attract tourists for kilimanjaro climbing and wildlife safari tours

  11. the above comment are actually right
    but if we born in municipality hospital or some wear that we don’t have family address than its not important nor efficient none necessary
    but if we are from strong family and have good knowledge and nice attitude than 100% foully necessary to force pplz to call us bye our last name

  12. Living out here in San Diego, California I would agree. My husband and I own a local business and many times because I carry my surname as well as my married name , I am referenced to as owner even though , we both are considered the owners. Another great posting by Florian Schütz

  13. actually my last name is Nisar kakar
    not kaka i forgot on latter of me last name you gys can compleat it by one (r) thanks

  14. Actually, what I know is, a person’s name has really an impact on how others perceive him. Our last names has a better profound impact. I agree, that noble names are more noticeable and more inclined to be successful than ordinary ones. But, Others say that our perseverance and determination can also lift up our careers without having a well known names either. However,it is still an advantage to have our own self marketing to add a boost in our career.

  15. There is power in last names. Some people with complicated names have adopted some names that are easy to pronounce. These include famous footballers. Let us not ignore this piece of advice. We can only do so at our own peril. Those with complicated names are better advised to adopt other names that are not complicated.

  16. Enter the motor, not minding what is written on the body! How many times have we refused to patronize a bus or a cab driver because of some funny names on the body of the vehicle?
    I think this is a poor man’s mentality. Good names are important with regard to strong character and attitude. What about being a boss as rightly asked by one conversationalists.

  17. Well,I have experienced impact on some names not all.
    However, sometimes you are to have a very nice sounding names first, middle, last, yet you are not even hand to mouth. In other cases a rigid type of name brings much more fortune. So it is like to practice, education, behavior and or family back grounds.

  18. Are Eisenhower, Carter, Kissinger, Einstein, Soros, Sarkozy, Tesla, Gate, Obama,Reagan,Jeanplong noble-sounding names? If they are, what for?

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  20. People with noble-sounding names probably went to Eton and that’s how they go straight to the top of the ladder.

  21. Here in Switzerland they are very stereotyping when applicants apply for a job, so therefore if you have foreign sounding name your chances are low in obtaining a job, I have experience this level of what would describe as racism and it is worrying.

  22. in india ,especially in north by name u can make an understanding about the nature of person ,name also allow you to get respect.
    like aditya- always winner.
    sushil- soft in nature and kind enough
    vinod- be a cheerful person

    name play a important role in make people behaviour according to name.

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  26. My name is regarded by most people as curious ur interesting but it never held back my career no matter which job I did. I always got promoted which I think was due to what i was told is my Leadership Quality so the name did not matter for me. Thanks J. Mantova

  27. Tell me about the water that you drink? Is it you who cause it from the rain-clouds to come down,or are We(God) the Causer of it to come down?If we(God)Willed,We verily could make it salt (and undrinkable):why then do you not give thanks(to Allah).

  28. Last name is important, like brand name. Its very important for your identity.

    Naeem Khan

  29. This starts to kook like a blackmailing. One search engine putt out what they get through an anonymous blogger or a sender whatever they like about a person.. trough or lie, it will be published.. No one can sue no one and the search engines send you around to other search engines which they are collaborating with and ask you for fees in order to remove all this un trough
    publicity about a person. No court in the world can protect you against that. Its like anti virus makers, first they find the virus, then they sell you the antivirus.
    Isn’t there better honest way to make a living?

  30. Why involving the bible in all this search engines.
    It seams like ISIS using Islam for killing and personal interest. We are talking about the power of media against an individual.
    A man is suffering his son is suffering at school, a family suffers. In my case many have tried to use this against me. But what I do is the way around, before I do business with them I show them what’s written about me, then I authorize them to tale a criminal register control. And all of them do business with me and banks work with me. So I really don’t care, until the court in Brussels takes up the case.

  31. Your announcement :
    ” Stephanie DAUBERT, 42 ans – Copains d’avant
    DAUBERT Stephanie : Stephanie DAUBERT, née en 1972 et habite SAINT AVERTIN. Aux dernières nouvelles elle était à Solergie à AMBOISE et elle y est toujours…. ” is absolutely FALSE ! She’s no more “accountant” at SOLERGIE in Amboise (France), and no longer “accountant” at “Maison de retraite de l’Orangerie” in Tours (France), because she has been sacked there, and she is without job since… A little “mad”…

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