The Last Name Has an Impact on Your Career

If you want to be successful in professional life, you should consider a few things. On the one hand the Internet offers many opportunities to successfully market yourself and gain the trust of potential new employers and recruiters. On the other hand the mere product is your own person along with your strengths, interests, and motivation that has to be sold in professional life. Furthermore, it is certainly not a disadvantage to have a thoughtful and sustainable self-marketing in order to push your career.

So much for the best of cases. However, the reality is often somewhat different and there are many causes for your professional stagnation or why you haven’t been given the job. In some cases, it is not your fault (e.g. your person or serious blunders in your application).  Sometimes, it is just the name – both positive and negative.


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56% of Internet Users Check Their Own Digital Footprints

For more and more people one’s own reputation on the net is becoming essential. Negative information about themselves and their own names can quickly affect both professional and private life. Therefore, it is important to know what is published on the net about one’s own name. The first impression usually counts. In order to protect one’s own reputation it should be regularly checked what – e.g. potentially harmful – information about one’s own name is available on the net.

According to the latest study conducted by the Pew Research Centers, 56% of Internet users have already searched for themselves online: they regularly enter their names into search engines such as Yasni or Google to get an overview of their digital footprints.


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To break off friendships is also an option

Are you sometimes tired of your friends’ and contacts’ same old entries and posts on Facebook about their last vacation, about the exciting party last weekend, or about the best pal’s wonderful wedding? An absolute classic probably is the incredible beauty, sweetness, and uniqueness of a newborn baby. Proud parents (or grandparents) eagerly spread photos of the innocent newborn among the internet community without even asking the baby for permission. However, this is a different topic.

Honestly, have you ever broken off a friendship or a contact, because you felt annoyed? In some cases, it clearly is an option to break off the friendship. Some also observed that boredom is spreading fast in the world’s largest social network these days.

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