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Facts (version: 10/2012)

– 07/2007: Yasni started with,, and
– 11/2008: Start of and in English-speaking countries
– 12/2010: Launch of in French-speaking countries
– 03/2011: Full implemenation of a country version for Spain with
– 05/2011: With another country version for Italy started
– 10/2011: Further expansion with,, and
– 04/2012: Start of in Russia
– 07/2012: Next expansion with,, and
-09/2012: Yasni goes to Scandinavia with,,, and and starts the Japanese version

– CEO and Co-founder of the yasni GmbH is Steffen Rühl
– Two business locations in Frankfurt and Leipzig
– 25 million visitors and 50 million page impressions per month
– Fastest growing Top 100 site in Germany in 2008
– Over 1 million registered users
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With the search engine Yasni everyone can find the right expert to keywords such as company, profession, location as well as all background information on people over the Internet. Providers of services can actively present their information and abilities with a  free Exposé in search results lists. With 50 million page impressions per month Yasni is the mostly used website for people searches and reputation management.