Creating and Using Business Cards

Business cards are the quintessential way to ensure further contact after an interview. This way each person can be assigned to a “face” that allows the contact to bring up already discussed issues at the next opportunity. The difference between an “offline business card” and an “online business card” is becoming more and more crucial, due to the difference in maintaining contacts.

We show you how to successfully network with both versions and what else you should know. Here are the basics of offline business cards.

  • The shape of business cards can basically be made in portrait or landscape format, but should never exceed the standard dimensions. This is the only way to collect or store cards in special boxes.
  • Information is valuable and your card should be structured accordingly. It should focus on the most important data, i.e. the name and contact details (e-mail, mobile number, and, if necessary, office number). Present yourself up-to-date and be aware of latest trends, e.g. give a hint to your web profile via a QR code or a sub-domain as a creative element.
  • Keep to your company’s corporate design and use the same spacing and pattern. Use a maximum of two fonts and don’t overload the card. This way contacts stay focused on the essential information. Your card also leaves a more serious impression by including a small graphic that is separated from the text by a white space.
  • In sales it is often required to have the details in English, too. Please avoid misleading job titles. Rather describe bulky professions with the corresponding English equivalent.
  • Don’t save expenses on the layout or print quality. False impressions could arise that result into irritating associations.

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The Importance of a Background Check

Yasni can save you time, money and give you peace of mind. If you are not careful when hiring someone, your business can suffer. You can end up loosing money to fraud or theft. You can loose important clients or potential new ones, if their customer service skills are lacking. You can also end up taking a lot of your precious time to find a new employee, and in business, time is money. Getting things right the first time, is huge. You can also be held liable for unkown facts.

Secondly, if the person you hire has a drug or alcohol problem, or anger management issues, there might be high employee turnover, job related accidents, or even violence in the workplace. This too, can cost your business both in time and money. You don’t want someone coming in to drive your previously loyal employees or best customers away. Continue reading The Importance of a Background Check