Self-marketing for your career

Nowadays, in many professions it is important to protect your reputation on the Internet and to pursue a successful Online Reputation Management. Anyone who wants to get ahead in his profession must learn to sell his offer and strengths properly. Therefore, active self-marketing is becoming increasingly important for the career.

Here is a short survey of 10 self-marketing tips. A more detailed overview can be found on Simone Janson’s blog

  1. Develop charisma: Without a fixed and motivating goal your aura and charisma is lost.
  2. Be aware of your life balance: Bring your professional goal in accordance with your personal priorities in life.
  3. How does your boss profit from your success? Be aware of your strengths, capability, and the resulting benefit for your employer.
  4. Admit mistakes, accept help: To admit mistakes is an important part of social competence. Of course, to learn from those mistakes is essential as well.
  5. Don’t be a Mr. Know-it-all: Be critical, but remain open to good arguments and show a willingness to learn.
  6. Don’t accept authoritarian behavior of superiors: Remain true to yourself and don’t accept a work environment dominated by fear and pressure.
  7. Use attractiveness:  Every person is attractive in his own unique style and should use it for the career.
  8. Only do what you really love to do: Professional success should be achieved with fun and ease, not with great difficulty.
  9. Remain authentic: Credibility means to make the right decisions based on experiences.
  10. Be an active dialogue partner: Listen carefully, ask questions, and read between the lines.