Protect your own good reputation

As in real life, people, companies, and trademarks rely on a good reputation. Even the smallest information and half-truths spread very fast and can be found everywhere on the internet. A good Online Reputation can be damaged within seconds by a displeased business competitor or just a “nice” friend.


The following tools and measures help to quickly check and, if necessary, to improve your own Online Reputation.

  1. Always be on alert and stay on the ball. Check your Online Reputation at regular intervals. This can easily be done with the help of Yasni. If done so on a weekly or monthly basis it will enable a timely elimination of damaging entries.
  2. Control the information flow yourself. Online profiles should only be filled with information meant for the public. The Online Reputation is highly dependent on the quality of posts and their relevance.
  3. On the internet the information can also spread itself. Everything that is posted on the net – be it private or business posts, e-mails or photos – can be used against yourself and damage your Online Reputation. This should always be remembered when doing online activities.
  4. Protection from hackers. It is a disastrous scenario if someone else spreads information and opinions with a false name and thus damaging the person with that name. You always should be aware of the fact that many accesses to internet profiles or networks are not adequately protected.
  5. Get in contact. If you have found false or damaging statements about your person, quickly get in contact with the author. Now it is to clarify in an objective and calm way why these statements are unjust and hurtful. If the person does not respond, you should continue to stay calm and remain polite.
  6. Link good posts and positive comments. Positive entries or comments about your own person or company should always be linked to your private or business homepage or to your Yasni Exposé. It strengthens your Online Reputation and the reputation of the company.

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