Data Protection already fails within people’s personal social network

Wrong and negative information on the net damages good reputation and career – the Internet never forgets anything. A survey by Yasni shows the difficulty of controlling the distribution of one’s own pictures online. Thus, 50% of US netizens have published photos of other people without their permission. In particular photos of friends – more than one in four respondents (27%) claimed to have done this before.

Parents circulate pictures of their kids. Altogether 10% of the respondents published shots of their children. Further results of the survey, which included more than 3,000 Internet users, shows that 6% of netizens have either published photos of their colleagues or strangers on the net.

Friends, parents, colleagues: the survey clearly shows that data protection already fails within the social environment in the age of the Internet. The distribution of one’s own photos on the net is beyond our complete and personal control. For netizens, we recommend a regular monitoring to find out the sources of photos that are published without permission.

Here are the results of the survey in detail:

Yasni asked over 3,000 Internet users in the United States whether they had ever published photographs of other people on the net without their consent?

27%: of my friends.

10%: of my children.

6%: of my colleagues.

6%: of strangers.

51%: never.

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