Facebook and Common Sense

Whoever is active on the internet should always exactly consider what is posted. Anyone, who publicly posts statements on the internet that are intended for the general public, cannot assert a right to be forgotten. That’s nothing new. However, a current post regarding alleged changes of Facebook’s Terms is doing the rounds. Users are supposed to put a statement on their timeline which allows them to disagree with the changes of the Terms. Here is an example:

Of course it’s no use crying over spilt milk and a legal effect of the objection is not likely, either. Whoever wishes to give a statement on these changes has to directly contact Facebook, i.e. via customer service, e-mail or mail.

Facebook is not interested in pictures that state „I disagree“. After all, no one is forced to use Facebook. Whoever disagrees with the Terms just has to sign off. So please deal with this issue with a common sense, keep an eye on your reputation and don’t post anything thoughtlessly.