The Importance of a Background Check

Yasni can save you time, money and give you peace of mind. If you are not careful when hiring someone, your business can suffer. You can end up loosing money to fraud or theft. You can loose important clients or potential new ones, if their customer service skills are lacking. You can also end up taking a lot of your precious time to find a new employee, and in business, time is money. Getting things right the first time, is huge. You can also be held liable for unkown facts.

Secondly, if the person you hire has a drug or alcohol problem, or anger management issues, there might be high employee turnover, job related accidents, or even violence in the workplace. This too, can cost your business both in time and money. You don’t want someone coming in to drive your previously loyal employees or best customers away.

The best case scenario then, is doing such a thorough background check on a potential person you are considering to hire, that you can sit back and be assured, that you won’t face legal action, go broke or loose clients and staff.  You know that this person is someone you can trust and train to take care of business even in your absence. Every employer needs to have that feeling of security. Using or will help you to get the job done – right.

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  1. For checks, especially criminal and federal ones, and in certain states, you are required to ask for consent from the person or applicant you are running the check on, and to divulge information on the report if used as reason for decline or disapproval. Hope this helps employers stay away from messy suits.

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