Building a Non-Profit

A society may be incorporated under the Society Act for any lawful purpose of purposes, such as national, patriotic, religious, philanthropic, charitable, provident, scientific, fraternal, benevolent, artistic, educational, social, professional, agricultural, sporting or other useful purpose.

There are hundreds of non-profit societies that exist in North America. In Canada, societies must use any funds or profits only for the purposes of the society itself. Funds or profits cannot be distributed to a member of the society without the member giving appropriate compensation to the society first. This is where can come in as a valuable tool to ensure that all members of the society have their reputations checked out before they are made members and given responsibility in the areas of finance, fund-raising or filing.

Also when you examine the checklist for society’s wishing to incorporate, one of the first items refers to the organization having bylaws that explain the admission of members, their rights and obligations and when they cease to be in good standing; You could also quickly type their name’s into yasni and see at a glance if there are any areas of concern.

Another important bylaw describes the appointment and removal of directors and office and their duties. Again, a society can protect itself by getting to know the director’s and everything they are connected with, before they get put into office.