Carefully consider your postings on the internet

Whoever is active on the internet, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or by commenting in forums and blogs should always exactly consider what is posted. Anyone, who publicly posts statements on the internet that are intended for the general public, cannot assert a right to be forgotten. This is supported by a recent verdict that makes a termination without notice of a 26-year-old trainee after an insult on Facebook legal.

The dismissed trainee has described his employer as slave driver and exploiter. The judges confirmed with their verdict that insults on social networks justify terminations without notice. It also shows that a warning or a few serious words are just not enough.

This verdict perfectly fits on Yasni. With our free service you can easily track who is personally offending you on which website. Furthermore, you can either post a corrective comment or even ask for deletion. In such a case our E-Mail Monitoring helps you to comfortably and quickly receive e-mails with important information.

However, you always have to carefully consider your own postings on the internet. Always remember: The internet rarely forgets and, as seen above, your boss might read your postings.

3 thoughts on “Carefully consider your postings on the internet”

  1. Great idea. In our digital time, we need to educate people on public communication responsibility. People use social networks, blogging, etc, with the idea they are writing a private email, unknowing the reach of the global Internet.

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