Privacy and the Ballot Secrecy

The presidential election in the US is over and we all congratulate Barack Obama on four more years in the White House. After a convincing victory he now starts his second term. He is now, after Bill Clinton, the second democratic President to be re-elected since the Second World War.

Speaking of election: This also includes the ballot secrecy. The following is stated on Wikipedia:

The secret ballot is a voting method in which a voter‘s choices in an election or a referendum are anonymous. The system is one means of achieving the goal of political privacy.”

Secret ballot. In slight contradiction to this are the facts about a survey saying that 22 % of  registered voters in the US have shared their vote on Facebook, Twitter & Co. Social network users between the ages of 18 and 29 seem to be the most communicative voters.

The following graph can be found on

The ballot secrecy protects the voter. However, with the growing talkativeness of voters the secret ballot may soon be a thing of the past in the US.

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