Building a Non-Profit

A society may be incorporated under the Society Act for any lawful purpose of purposes, such as national, patriotic, religious, philanthropic, charitable, provident, scientific, fraternal, benevolent, artistic, educational, social, professional, agricultural, sporting or other useful purpose.

There are hundreds of non-profit societies that exist in North America. In Canada, societies must use any funds or profits only for the purposes of the society itself. Funds or profits cannot be distributed to a member of the society without the member giving appropriate compensation to the society first. This is where can come in as a valuable tool to ensure that all members of the society have their reputations checked out before they are made members and given responsibility in the areas of finance, fund-raising or filing.

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Cyberbullying – Not Just for Children!

According to Wikipedia, Cyberstalkers (cyberbullies/cyberharrasers) “threaten a victim’s earnings, employment, reputation and/or safety using things like Weblogs, industry forums or boards and commercial Web sites.

One of the ways you can protect yourself online is to be active on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.  If you use these tools to build your reputation, to help those in need and show that you genuinely care about others, people will soon begin to trust and depend on you.  Then, if someone tries to blacken your reputation or write untrue stories about you, your friends and contacts can leap to your defense.

Another way is to add yourself to people search and reputation management tools, such as .
This new tool, launched in 2008, states “So many people are unaware of what personal information is actually available on the Internet, and Yasni offers a fun and exciting way of keeping track of your own and others online reputation.”.

By searching for your profile online, you can see what type of content leads directly to you that people might be using in their efforts to harass you.

Getting your dream job

The unemployed or anyone new in Canada or USA seeking a position go through the same steps. They dust off their resume, or write their first one. They look around for job ads through popular websites, such as Craigslist, FreshGigs, Monster or LinkedIn and start applying for jobs. They dutifully write a cover letter pertaining to each different position and bite their nails as they wait for a response.  If they are lucky, in a short time, they get a phone call requesting an interview. But what if those phone calls never happen? What could be happening to prevent someone from being called in?

The obvious answer is that there are spelling or grammatical errors in your resume.

In some cases, such as a job in sales or public relations,
– English-skills are very important.
– The second thing could be a lack of experience pertaining to the position you have applied for, especially having Canadian and USA experience.
– The third thing could be a red flag has shown up when the company typed your name in a search engine. And this is an area that is easy to focus on through digital tools that can help protect your reputation and allow you to put your “best foot forward”.

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