Who Are Your Kids really Talking to Online?

The Internet is still the digital Wild West and kids always manage to be in the thick of it. As more checks and balances become available to concerned parents, even more ways of sidestepping parental supervision are emerging. So, when your kid is immersed in X-box or Mine Craft live, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and who knows how many other social media platforms, as a parent you can start to feel helpless. This is why it’s becoming essential to use people search engines to find out who your kids are really talking to.

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We all want to respect our children’s privacy; however, when kids generally can’t be trusted to make rational decisions when it comes to setting boundaries strangers online. Have them give you a list of the friends they play video games with, are following or are being followed by. If you are met with the usual resistance, then snooping may be the way to go. If you are privy to their password then log on and jot down all you can find. Ideally, you should insist that they provide you with their password and routinely check their activity. Be the boss here! Search their online history on your cell phone account (assuming they are on it) or contact the phone company to see if you can obtain URLs they may be routinely accessing. Searching their history folder can also help you to see where they have been and sometimes even who they’ve contacted.

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Children are attracted to online pornography, online shopping and social networks

What are children doing online? Which websites do they visit regularly and what topics are they attracted to? These are questions many parents surely like to have an answer to, because they have to protect their children on the net. They have the responsibility, yet there are children and young people that don’t like to be controlled and want to keep their privacy. And the Internet is known for providing so many possibilities to escape their parents’ control.

But what exactly are children using the Internet for? The antivirus vendor Kaspersky Lab found out that they are mostly attracted to pornography, online shops, and social networks.


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Parents have to protect their children on the Internet

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, gave an interesting interview to a German news page a few days ago. Although the interview was rather short, it contained some striking answers. In the past, the former CEO of Google was responsible for one or the other nice quote, as in late 2010, when it came to the visions of Google.

Now Eric Schmidt was asked if parents have to protect their children online. However, there is still one unanswered question as to whether parents are able to protect their children online.

Do parents have to protect their children?

“Of course! They have a great responsibility. Children are usually not aware of the fact that everything they post on the Internet will accompany them for a lifetime. What has been published cannot be deleted. And there will always be someone who has a copy. Therefore, I think parents should always know what their children do on the net. They should know their children’s passwords until they are 18.”

Of course, the parents’ duty of care for their children also applies for the Internet.  The question is whether children can be controlled and give out their passwords….