Children are attracted to online pornography, online shopping and social networks

What are children doing online? Which websites do they visit regularly and what topics are they attracted to? These are questions many parents surely like to have an answer to, because they have to protect their children on the net. They have the responsibility, yet there are children and young people that don’t like to be controlled and want to keep their privacy. And the Internet is known for providing so many possibilities to escape their parents’ control.

But what exactly are children using the Internet for? The antivirus vendor Kaspersky Lab found out that they are mostly attracted to pornography, online shops, and social networks.


With the help of its security software the company evaluated the data of Parental Control that identifies the sites which are most popular among children. Thus, the mostly visited sites are social networks (31.3%), followed by sites with pornographic content (16.8%), and online shops (16.7%).

It would be interesting to know, if these children knew that their user data was evaluated by Kaspersky Lab and their parents. Probably not, because then they wouldn’t have visited so many sites with pornographic content. However, sooner or later the offspring also learns how to bypass such software. Not to mention that this procedure cannot necessarily be seen as confidence-building measure on the part of the parents.

Maybe parents should limit the monitoring of their children on the largest and coarsest public blunders, so that they can at least respond quickly there. They can, for example with the help of Yasni, regularly receive all new search results to the name of their child via e-mail and for free.

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