The Web’s Most Dangerous Search Terms

Some search terms bear the risk to end up on a page that is contaminated with viruses, Trojans or spyware.  A year ago, names of attractive ladies were listed on top of the danger scale. Now, antivirus specialists of McAfee show in a new study which search terms are especially dangerous. Users are particularly at risk if they want to get information about current events in politics or entertainment via a search engine. Yet, there are also a few surprises in the top ten of the most dangerous search terms.

It seems reasonable to assume that when doing a search for illegal or offensive content such as pirate copies, streams, or pornography you may end up on websites infected with a virus. However, providers of Trojans or spyware are also advancing and speculate on the Internet user being less attentive on supposedly reputable websites and, therefore, more susceptible to malware or viruses. This is why also those search terms are dangerous which one might not expect to be on the list.


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01. screensaver

02. free games

03. home work

04. Rihanna

05. webkinz

06. powerball

07. smartphone

08. Jonas Brothers

09. twilight

10. Barack Obama

Surely, we want you to notice that our search result pages do not bear any danger, because we won’t display any bad site. So feel free and safe to search for people connected to keywords such as home work or mobile phone on Yasni.


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