Getting your dream job

The unemployed or anyone new in Canada or USA seeking a position go through the same steps. They dust off their resume, or write their first one. They look around for job ads through popular websites, such as Craigslist, FreshGigs, Monster or LinkedIn and start applying for jobs. They dutifully write a cover letter pertaining to each different position and bite their nails as they wait for a response.  If they are lucky, in a short time, they get a phone call requesting an interview. But what if those phone calls never happen? What could be happening to prevent someone from being called in?

The obvious answer is that there are spelling or grammatical errors in your resume.

In some cases, such as a job in sales or public relations,
– English-skills are very important.
– The second thing could be a lack of experience pertaining to the position you have applied for, especially having Canadian and USA experience.
– The third thing could be a red flag has shown up when the company typed your name in a search engine. And this is an area that is easy to focus on through digital tools that can help protect your reputation and allow you to put your “best foot forward”.

In short, before you send your resume, take the time to research yourself to see what might prevent you from getting a phone call from a potential boss. You might be surprised at what you see! Then take the steps to ensure you look just as amazing online as you do in person.

You only have 7 seconds to make a great impression…!

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