Find the right language for the Exposé

Yasni keeps growing and is becoming more international. At first, we started our people search in 2007 in the German speaking areas Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Soon, English followed as second language as well as the domains for the USA and UK. In the following years we expanded to France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and Saudi-Arabia. And the next countries are planned to follow soon.

Basically, the language and the respective domain on Yasni are independent of one another. There are languages, e.g. English and French, that are spoken in several countries. And there are countries, e.g. Switzerland and Canada, where several languages are spoken. Therefore, on Yasni you can principally use every language on every domain.

One example:
A Russian native lives in Germany and works in a company where only English is spoken – what language should he use in his Exposé? It is quite simple: The language he wants to use! He can use his Exposé either in Russian, English, or German. Or even in yet another language, if he has, for example, just taken a Spanish course and wants to exercise it.

Despite all that, the functionality of our site won’t change at all. It makes no difference whether you use your personal Exposé, someone else’s Exposé, or the search result pages in German, English or any other language.

The language can be changed in the preferences of your Exposé.

Currently, we offer the following languages:
German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian. There’s more to come!

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