Internet couples will become intimate and decide for a family much earlier

Those who have met online will be a couple much earlier, will move in together much earlier and will have children much earlier than other couples do. This is the result of a study of online and offline romantic relationships by the online dating site Parship.

Relationships that started over the internet are said to become serious much earlier than those that started by meeting in pubs, through mutual friends, or at work.

The following figures are convincing:

Two thirds of all couples that have met online, move in together within the first twelve months. 37 percent of the online couples get married within the first year of their relationship. And up to the first child it takes on average just 2.5 years.

Offline-couples are taking it a little more slowly. Within the first year of their relationsip only 57 percent decided for a joint household and only 24 percent got married.  Only after appr. 4 years they then decided to have children.

However, the pace is not the only point here. It is also essential how satisfying the current relationship is. According to the survey, online couples lie ahead again:

About three quarters of all online couples compared to only half of all offline couples are very satisfied with their current relationship.

What do you think about the survey’s results? Have you made similar experiences?

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