Knowing With the Help of Facebook Whether A Relationship Will Last

The Internet and love are two issues that are encountered together more frequently lately. Just recently, a study showed that relationships and also separations are now made public, especially in social networks. Apparently, the general idea of romance has changed a bit in recent years, because the “online-check” of one’s sweetheart is now the rule rather than the exception.

It is known that most of the social activities on the net take place on Facebook. Thus, a huge data stock can be found there which provides information about the relationships of the individual members and, of course, about the current relationship status – whether you are in a relationship, with whom, and for how long. With the help of a new algorithm, Facebook is now able to exactly calculate for how long the relationship will last!


In order to make this statement, data and contacts of more than 1.3 million Facebook users have been examined for a period of two years. Solely on the basis of one’s contacts it can be found out what person the user is in a relationship with, because each partner has his or her own circle of friends whose only connection then is the couple itself.

Quite interesting is the statement that couples who don’t fit that structure will probably separate within the next 60 days! That means, if you don’t manage to connect to your partner’s circle of friends, you might not be meant for each other and chances for a long term future together are rather low.

In other words, if you are serious about your relationship you should quickly acquaint yourself with your partner’s old school friends or colleagues.

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