Randi Zuckerberg is offering tips for your online reputation

5. July 2013

Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, appeared on the Today Show several days ago. Below you will find the video. On the show she gave some tips for protecting one’s reputation on the net. The opinion of a person that close to Facebook is certainly quite interesting. However, will these tips be suitable for someone who is not coincidentally the sister of one of the youngest billionaires in the world? See for yourself:

What do you think? Here all 6 tips by Randi Zuckerberg are recapitulated:

1. Know who your “digital doppelgängers” are and differentiate if necessary from those on the net! This way you can make sure to be found by search engines, to be visible and you won’t be connected to negative results of namesakes.

2. Understand who your friends are and that their online posts are part of your reputation as well! You should especially be aware of the photos your friends are publishing, if those show your person.

3. Monitor all publications about your name on the net! Companies and job recruiters do it, therefore, you should also know what information about you is available on the net.

4. Try to correct false information on the net! For example, add more positive content that is either eye-catching or will push bad results further down in search result lists.

5. If you make a mistake, admit it! Nobody’s perfect and even our future presidents will have unsavory Facebook photos and Tweets they’d like to take back.

6. Keep your privates private! This is a general good life lesson.

What do you think of these tips by Ms Zuckerberg? There is indeed a certain reference to our measures for protecting your good reputation on the net. Some points, such as distinguishing from namesakes, also fit to Facebook’s philosophy to insist on entering your real name during registration.

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9 Comments on “Randi Zuckerberg is offering tips for your online reputation”

  1. gertrude smiddy says:

    More attention should be paid to the games. i.e. your current score cannot always be found easily. They could use a tune up.

  2. Taru Mishra says:

    Have a good tips of Randi juckerberg, and good private protection.

  3. Girish Patil says:

    I have my presence on facebook, twitter, G+, linkedin but still why I can not be found on yasni? Any tips?

  4. Florian Schütz says:

    @Girish Patil:

    You can’t find the presences here?


  5. dimas handono djati says:

    thanks for sharing, I will doing your tips. yasni for me is a great site!

  6. Tracy osayande says:

    Tnx for dat great tips

  7. Florian Schütz says:

    No problem and thank you very much! ;-)

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