How to Become a Successful Provider on the Yasni Front Page

What do I have to do to be shown on the Yasni front page with my Exposé?

Our users frequently ask us what it is all about the successful providers on our front page and, in particular, what has to be done in order to be shown with your Exposé on the Yasni front page. For this reason, this blog post is meant to explain in detail which steps are required to introduce and represent yourself to our over 20 million users per month.

At first here is a screenshot that shows, who or what is meant with the term “Successful Providers”:

We talk about the people, who are displayed by turns in the right-hand sided box on our front page. These people have the possibility to represent themselves with a short slogan as well as their company and location in addition to their Exposé picture.

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Some tips for social media and online reputation

With everybody taking to social networks these days, we’ve noticed some particularly brilliant campaigns which use some innovative social media strategies. We’ve also noticed some dreary, dreadful campaigns which commit all the worst social media sins.

It’s actually quite simple to run an effective social media campaign. How you tailor it to suit your business is down to your ingenuity and the adaptability of your brand, but there’s a fairly decent framework for you to work around which should nudge you in the right direction and prevent you from falling into the fiery chasm of social media faux pas from the comfort of your leather reclining sofa.

We’ve listed the top ten things you absolutely must do on your social network account, and then we’ve listed the top ten things which you absolutely must not do on any of your Twitter or Facebook presences. Continue reading Some tips for social media and online reputation