How to Become a Successful Provider on the Yasni Front Page

What do I have to do to be shown on the Yasni front page with my Exposé?

Our users frequently ask us what it is all about the successful providers on our front page and, in particular, what has to be done in order to be shown with your Exposé on the Yasni front page. For this reason, this blog post is meant to explain in detail which steps are required to introduce and represent yourself to our over 20 million users per month.

At first here is a screenshot that shows, who or what is meant with the term “Successful Providers”:

We talk about the people, who are displayed by turns in the right-hand sided box on our front page. These people have the possibility to represent themselves with a short slogan as well as their company and location in addition to their Exposé picture.

If you click on the picture and on the name respectively, you will automatically be transferred to the respective Exposé. There, you see all information that person wants to show in form of links, pictures, comments and others. You are also able to get in contact with the Exposé owner. Successful providers show with their presentation that they are interested in new contacts – you can even add yourself as a new contact without the confirmation process.

Let’s proceed with the conditions to be shown on the Yasni front page:

The spaces on our front page are limited and in great demand. Therefore, they are only reserved for our users who signed up for our Exposé Promotion offer (premium accounts). Inform yourself and be shown in a representative way on our front page at low costs to over 20 million Yasni users.

We only display well-maintained Exposés on our front page. Therefore, our support team will check every Exposé, if all criteria are met in order to become a successful provider on the Yasni front page:

Exposé name: Yasni is a search engine dedicated to exclusively find people on the web. Our Terms don’t allow company names or others as Exposé name. Therefore, we can only show your Exposé on the Yasni front page, if it contains your first name and surname.

  • Exposé information: In order to be shown on the Yasni front page, your Exposé business card needs to contain at least an entry to “Company” and “Location”.
  • Exposé picture: Your Exposé picture needs to clearly show yourself, preferably as a portrait. No other person, graphics or logos are allowed.
  • Exposé slogan: We think it advisable for our Premium users to introduce themselves and/or their service with a short slogan. Of course, this slogan has to agree with our Terms and will not be accepted if it contains unsuitable content.

One more important information regarding the slogan:

Your Exposé will only be displayed by turns in the right-hand sided box on our front page, if you have a slogan.  It can be added under “Description” in your Exposé if you click the link: “Edit Exposé information”:

After you filled in your slogan, it can be seen in your Exposé business card and, in case of becoming a Successful Provider, next to your Exposé picture on the Yasni front page:

As soon as all the above mentioned criteria are met, you can become a Successful Provider by clicking on the link “Show my Exposé on Yasni front page”:

Now a window opens, where you can enter your welcome message that introduces your person and your service (preferably in first-person). Here, you have the possibility to welcome all visitors who visit your Exposé via our front page and arouse their interest into your person and service. Just enter your message, click on “Save” and there you go.

Final important information:

Another check of your Exposé through our team will be done at least every time you make changes at the above mentioned relevant points.  This means e.g. that you will lose your status as Successful Provider, if you start to use a company logo as Exposé picture. Of course, we will contact you via e-mail to inform you to change specific entries in order to keep the Exposé visible on the Yasni front page.