Yasni has the new Facebook Timeline

By the end of March Facebook switched to the new Timeline and there was no escaping it. Up to now the opinion on the web is quite divided. In any case we didn’t wanted to miss the fixed deadline. You never can tell! So we have adjusted our Facebook page to the new design. Very eye-catching is the large cover showing our slogan: “We are experts at finding people!”

The content itself didn’t change much. In the photo area you will find our logos, screenshots and much more pictures about Yasni. Click on “About” to find the most important information as well as contact information of Yasni.

The actual idea of the Facebook Timeline is to collect all entries, likes, comments, and highlights in a chronological sequence. You can see on the right the annual entries, in the case of Yasni all entries back to 2007 are visible. Every milestone of our company development can now be traced back:  from the launch of Yasni at the end of 2007, our growth to one of the most frequented web services in Germany, our international growth and last but not least the positive financial statement in 2011.

And what do you think about Yasni’s Timeline and Facebook page? We look forward to every ‘like’.