Yasni is at full speed on its way to Russia

As we all know, in most cases stagnation means stepping backwards, especially for a young and innovative startup such as Yasni. In the last few months everything went exceptionally well for us, particularly regarding our international growth. Therefore, we decided to have a look at Russia. We already have plenty of users from all over the world (U.S.A., UK, France, Canada, Brazil, etc.), but in our opinion Russia offers enormous opportunities for us. At first, we introduced Russian as a new language on Yasni. That was quite a challenge, because all Yasni sites and texts had to be translated. Fortunately, we have a native speaker in our team! So now you can use Yasni completely in Russian – both when logged into your Exposé and when logged out. Of course, you have to set your browser language to Russian, then.

Now, quasi built overnight, here is our new Russian Yasni domain, accessible at yasni.ru.

The opportunities Russia offers can be seen, e.g. at the size of the country. It is by area the largest country in the world and counts more than 140 million inhabitants! We really look forward to welcoming those 140 million users on yasni.ru!

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