Is it up to parents to protect children online?

That’s what Naomi Gummer says, a public policy analyst at Google. By her opinion, parents are to blame if children view pornography online and it’s up to them to protect their children online. She said it was a myth that laws can prevent children from viewing explicit material:

“The idea that laws can adequately protect young people is a myth. Technology is moving so fast that legislation is a blunt tool for addressing these challenges. But also the truth is that parents are complicit in their kids using underage social networking sites. It is about education, not using legislative leavers.”

Interesting fact: 25% of kids have seen sexual images, but only 14% saw them online.

What do you think? Should it be up to parents to stop their children watching porn? Is it possible to control everything from YouTube to Facebook to Pinterest? And how can Yasni help parents to protect their children?

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