5 Ways To Secure Online Identity and Information

These days, you can never be too cautious in what you reveal online. Especially now that identity theft is at a rise, everyone who has an internet connection may be a victim. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus may offer a fun and harmless place of network and communication. However, there are bits of information that go unfiltered and become damaging media especially to the minds of young people. Worse, they may even get their identities stolen or become targets for criminals. It’s best to take certain precautions if you wish to socialize with people you don’t see upfront.

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Yasni has the new Facebook Timeline

By the end of March Facebook switched to the new Timeline and there was no escaping it. Up to now the opinion on the web is quite divided. In any case we didn’t wanted to miss the fixed deadline. You never can tell! So we have adjusted our Facebook page to the new design. Very eye-catching is the large cover showing our slogan: “We are experts at finding people!”

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Some tips for social media and online reputation

With everybody taking to social networks these days, we’ve noticed some particularly brilliant campaigns which use some innovative social media strategies. We’ve also noticed some dreary, dreadful campaigns which commit all the worst social media sins.

It’s actually quite simple to run an effective social media campaign. How you tailor it to suit your business is down to your ingenuity and the adaptability of your brand, but there’s a fairly decent framework for you to work around which should nudge you in the right direction and prevent you from falling into the fiery chasm of social media faux pas from the comfort of your leather reclining sofa.

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