Carefully consider your postings on the internet

Whoever is active on the internet, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or by commenting in forums and blogs should always exactly consider what is posted. Anyone, who publicly posts statements on the internet that are intended for the general public, cannot assert a right to be forgotten. This is supported by a recent verdict that makes a termination without notice of a 26-year-old trainee after an insult on Facebook legal.

The dismissed trainee has described his employer as slave driver and exploiter. The judges confirmed with their verdict that insults on social networks justify terminations without notice. It also shows that a warning or a few serious words are just not enough. Continue reading Carefully consider your postings on the internet

Manage your online reputation

It is not always easy searching for a job on the internet. Inaccurate information in your curriculum vitae can be easily checked on the internet and, therefore, damage your career. It is well-known that companies search for appropriate candidates and check their appearance on the internet. Thus, a professional presentation on the internet is essential, if you want to make progress with your job search. In this context, Yasni offers its free Exposé and Exposé Promotion. Because nowadays nobody and nothing is private any longer, everyone should actively manage one’s own online reputation by oneself. Otherwise, it could have negative effects. Whoever cannot provide a professional online presentation or even cannot be found on the internet possibly won’t be able to find a job in the future anymore.

Therefore, Yasni supports the opinion that an applicant should actively represent oneself on the internet including all strengths, interests and expert knowledge. Hence, Yasni offers its free Exposé and Exposé Promotion, as already mentioned above. One should rather see this transparency as a chance. Intimate information, of course, should certainly not be available on the internet. Thus, it is important to regularly check one’s own online traces. Regarding to all this, Yasni can perfectly assist you as a search engine including the free e-mail monitoring.

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