Yasni’s Global Press Update: June 2009

We thought we would wow our dear users with an update of our latest global coverage! We’re doing amazingly well and we’ve been blessed with some really great coverage from some great publications around the world!

We put out a news story about the amount of people who use the Internet to try and reveal saucy secrets about their partner and the results were shocking. So much that The Herald Sun in Australia has covered it twice!

On the Internet…


… and in their daily newspaper.


Yasni also played a major part in an article for MacUser Magazine, one of the biggest techie mags around and the write-up was fab! The review outlined what Yasni has to offer and why it should be part of every internet user’s life!


Men’s Health magazine included Yasni in a relationship article last week, outlining our findings that 62% of women admit to spying on their ex online!


The Search Engine Journal, one of the biggest and most popular SEO blogs worldwide did a great review on Yasni as well. We were moved to tears…


शुक्रिया भारत! SiliconIndia – India’s largest professional networking community did an interesting feature on us as well – great stuff!


TMCnet is ranked as one of the most visited websites in the world and currently the #1 most visited website for b2b communications and technology industries. This is truly amazing!


iTWire, Australia’s most informative, opinionated and in your face IT & Telecommunications news and information resource + Yasni = Woohoo!


EFYtimes is one of the most popular news portals on electronics and technology in India – we feel honored.


Last but not least, Money.pl – the No. 1 financial website in Poland. Priceless!


As if that wasn’t enough, we’d also like to thank all the other wonderful places from all over the globe where we’ve been featured. Thanks all!

So, it’s been pretty busy weeks here! 😉

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  1. If she is speaking on her own peorsnal page to her friends than she is sharing her opinion with her friends. My guess is it wouldn’t do much good to report her because many employers are hesitant to censor employees who are talking on sites other than the coporate page. The most they might do is talk to her about her job satisfaction to see why she feels the need to talk like this about customers.Hope this helps.

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