Fairy Tales and People Search Engines

Lately there have been some quite interesting announcements and discussions around some of our contenders in the people search engine market. We here at Yasni feel like it’s about time we clarified a few points with regards to recent developments, for example…

Press release from May 7, 2009…

press release

…or a competitor’s website from today…


… or a well-researched article on BNET from May 22, 2009…


As for the BNET article, we don’t necessarily agree with the entire article, especially not the comparison of all people search engines based on only one top level domain. Also, the final Top-3-Ranking included fee-based people search providers and these sites are therefore not comparable with Yasni.

We like the idea of being a free service, and only Yasni and 123people are driving an international multi-domain strategy in several countries and languages, whereas other people search websites have all their traffic going to one domain. Therefore, a true and fair comparison based on one TLD is very tricky… but not impossible.

That would be similar to comparing only green apples with green pears… 😉 Nonetheless, the article was really well researched (especially for the US market) with a true key finding: “Yasni is the only site to my knowledge providing a verifiable count.”

Yes, it’s true – we claim to be the world’s leading people search engine! Why?
NOT because we want to trick any investors, NOT because we want to trick any users, NOT because we want to misinform any journalists and NOT because we want to make the quick money and/or buy-out.

Our two only reasons are as follows: 1. Because we are just that, statistics from independent and reputable sources back this point up, and 2. We’re proud of it and enjoy the results of more than a year of very hard work. Who could/should be mad about that?

The diagram below, taken today from Alexa.com, the leading independent web traffic profiler, shows that Yasni.de as a whole far surpasses the level of traffic from our ‘competitors’, also 123people with their two best domains combined (.com and .de) don’t match our level and we don’t even take our other TLDs into account. In other words, we have no reason to tell porkies!


We’re NOT (yet) the No.1 in the US – it’s true! But we also never claimed to be. We’re just the No.1 in the World, Europe, the GSA, and Germany… and if this fact should ever change, we’ll be the first to let you know!