People search in october 2010

These are the top 10 keywords for people search on in the last month. It`s an interesting mix of keywords concering occupations, cities, skills and other current issues. Yasni is very pleased that more and more people are using our free people search for finding interesting people and new contacts on the internet. On the other hand, more and more people organize their web links, profiles and images with our free Yasni Exposé. With the Exposé you ensure your best impression on new employers, partners or business contacts alike. And with Yasni Exposé Promotion, you and your services will be prominently visible when users are searching by names and keywords!

01. marketing manager
02. new york
03. hollywood
04. facebook
05. model
06. social media
07. developer
08. google ceo
09. fashion
10. sales

One thought on “People search in october 2010”

  1. I’m very happy to be at Yasni german web although I live in NY. I am born in Tirana, Albania february. 22. 1970 and I’m author of two books in albanian language. My first fiction book “Somnambulat ishujve te vetmise”(Enciklopedike, Tirana,1994) is in two german web catalogues among the greatest writers and composers. Why not should I not be at Yasni. I want from you to separate my name from Ramiz Gjini who stole from my published and not published works: book “Luleziet” after he found a key -via his assault friend Prek Lelcaj.
    Also my name has nothing to do with others who have the name Teuta Abazi. I’m Teuta Abazi of ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND with my poem “An Outside game” published in ACE in april, 25, 2007 and Teuta Abazi of LONDON GROUP SURREALIST.
    Thank you Yasni

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