Yasni celebrates its third birthday

Yasni went online exactly three years ago. And we are still alive! In direct communication with our users we see the increasing importance of maintaining a good reputation on the internet on a daily basis. And we hope that we can do our part here by offering all the important tools to achieve that that goal.  We have to say a very big “Thank you”  to all our loyal users for their feedback and support. It was a long way from 1 million visitors in february 2008 to 22 million visitors in october 2010 – and the way isn’t over yet!

Here are some of the key milestones of Yasni:

  • 2007, July: Foundation of the yasni GmbH
  • 2007, October: yasni.de goes online
  • 2008, January: Yasni has a big apperance on german tv with increasing traffic
  • 2008, February: Yasni achieves 1 million unique visitors per month
  • 2008, November: Lauch of yasni.at, yasni.ch, yasni.co.uk and yasni.com
  • 2009, March: According to comScore, Yasni was the fastest growing website in germany amoung the 100 most visited sites in 2008
  • 2009, September: Launch of our premium offers Exposé Promotion and Business ReSearch
  • 2009, December: Approximately 20 people work for Yasni at Frankfurt and Leipzig
  • 2010, September: After another apperance in german tv, Yasni sets a new record with 500.000 visitors on that day
  • 2010, October: Yasni recorded 22 million visits and 50 millions page views per month and has more than 1 million registred users

We hope that we can continue along the path we have begun together! 😉

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