Yasni buttons for your website

In our tools section you will now find a stylish selection of different buttons in Yasni-design that you can easily embed into your website or your blog. Some of the buttons link to our homepage. With these buttons you can draw attention to Yasni and show your business partners and friends what the web knows about them and how Yasni can be useful in getting a good online reputation. Here is an example of such a button:

What does the web know about you?

Next, we offer several variations on the button that link directly to your Exposé! Seek out the desired button and show yourself as a person along with your offer on the web and create additional visibility for your Exposé. Simply paste the code into your webpage and take visitors directly to your Yasni Exposé. Here is an example of such an Exposé button:

Exposé - Your best impression!

For inquiries concerning the integration of the buttons, we help you gladly.

As a “thank you” for the installation of our buttons, we give you a $30,00 discount for the full-year membership of our Exposé Promotion! Just send us the link to your website or blog during the booking process, on which you have included one of our buttons, and the discount will be deducted from the total amount automatically!

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