Your best reputation on the internet

It is getting more and more important to show yourself the right way on the internet. With the free Yasni Exposé, you can organize your web links, profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter…) and images to ensure your best impression on new employers, partners or business contacts alike. Your contacts on Yasni may even confirm the information in your Exposé for everyone to see. This way, your Yasni contacts support your credibility. Confirmed information support your reputation. At the same time, you can also acquire business partners or make contact with people you know.

For your own reputation and visibility, it is important, that Exposés on Yasni are found everywhere. No matter if it‘s Yasni, Google or Bing: By means of your Yasni Exposé, you decide which results are the preferred ones for your name (and those which are not). People looking up your name will be directed to your Yasni Exposé – and you decide which links are listed there! Show what is important about you.

Your best reputation on the internet!

Set yourself apart from other people with the same name and actively manage your reputation and your credibility!

5 good reasons to create a free Yasni Exposé now!

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