Key lessons for improving your Social Media skills

Many people lose track in the Social Media-jungle. Facebook…Twitter…Blogging… Where and how do I reach my customers the best?

A great article on the topic “communication with Social Media” by Soren Gordhamer is available on

Conclusion: There is a fine line between reaching out people and ‘spamming’ people.

Here are the 7 Lessons for better networking with Social Media:

1. Find a Person’s Preferred Communication Channel: Go where they are!

2. Say Just Enough: Less is more!

3. Don’t Expect a Response: Say what you need to and then let it go.

4. Clarify Early: Say it up front.

5. What You Want is Not the Point: No one knows what the future may hold, so make the moment count. Ensure the door stays open, even if no one is walking through it right now.

6. Be Open Without Needing: Speak from openness rather than need.

7. Give Space: Focus on thoughtful instead of continual contact.

We will do our best! Thanks for the great tips…

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