A crucial factor for damaging or deepening relationships

Use of factors determine the results of our goals. There are many factors for different situations. Anything that contributes causally to a result could be called factor. Factors could be behavioural, scientific, technical, economic or may represent myriad of other aspect of life.

Considering importance of factors for outcomes, I would like to highlight today what one factor that can damage or deepen relationships. My inspiration is William James again who has been known as one of the most influential pragmatists in philosophy. According to James whenever we are in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.

Attitude is a broad topic with multiple dimensions and connotations too. One may ask what kind of attitude will determine our success. In my view this depends on our personalities, positions, backgrounds, expectations and many more other conditions. However one thing that we all feel safe is the common sense in many situations. Common sense encapsulates the universal rules and is almost the same or at least similar in many culture or countries.

Building is important but I am more interested in how you deepen your relationships.

Dr. Mehmet Yildiz

3 thoughts on “A crucial factor for damaging or deepening relationships”

  1. Dear Mehmet,

    I like to compare new Relationships with love at first sight. The less complicated, the more pleasant and the more lasting. Of course there are also volatile relationsships similar to flirt- online or offline.

    Only the identical current interests determine the lifespan of them .

    Using of common sense in in ambiguous relationships could be a big help to get clarity in the right time .

    I am a fan of simplicity and authenticity.. But not only as beautiful words, because I take them seriously and I put them in my life style. In this kind of decisions, I don’t take any consideration for other opinions…

    Except my for mum, because she has a very special place in my life, therefore I make a lot of compromises with love 🙂

    Nice Regards


  2. @ how you deepen your relationships.

    – Online relationsships
    Meeting in real life.

    – Offline relationships
    Eg. sending postcards from China

    – Close relationships
    No comment . . . hehehe . . .

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