Honesty is the best policy

A good reputation on the internet is important, no matter if you are employee, employer, student, applicant, or  freelancer. We have already discussed in our Yasni blog how Yasni can help to recognize one’s own traces and how to actively protect them. It is not that difficult at all: To surf the internet with a common sense, to check regularly the latest traces to one’s own name with Yasni’s free e-mail monitoring, and to use our Exposé to be found better by new customers and employers via search engines such as Yasni and Google.


Here are a some informative statements to the topic:

“Everything is transparent, also negative experiences.“

If personal data are publicly available on the web, customers and HR representatives can find them. Also the negative data. Thus, it is important to become aware of what can be found to one’s own name on the internet. Only then one can counteract, commentate, correct, or place new positive information on the internet.

“The first ORM rule, honesty is the best policy“

Not every negative information has to stay so. Often one can change a negative article or a poor evaluation in something positive by reacting kindly and objective to criticism, regardless of whether this criticism is justified or not. Everyone should always take cricism seriously and be aware of one’s own mistakes. To bury one’s head in the sand does not help at all. If one can deal with it honestly and in a competent way it will have a positive affect, because the internet never forgets, not even the positive things. Thank Goodness!

2 thoughts on “Honesty is the best policy”

  1. If one can resolve an ORM issue amicably then great – but often it is not possible for a whole of reasons – one of these being less than reputable competitors.

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