The most serious Internet threats in 2013

Today the Safer Internet Day 2013 is taking place. It is the tenth edition of the event that pays attention to threats on the Internet. The aim of the EU-launched day is to make the Internet a safer place especially for children and teenagers.


This year the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media, BITKOM, has listed ten of the most serious Internet threats:

  1. Drive-by-Downloads of malware
  2. Trojans / Worms
  3. Attacks on databases and websites
  4. Virus kits
  5. Botnets
  6. Denial-of-Service-attacks
  7. Phishing
  8. Data loss
  9. Rogueware/ Scareware
  10. Spam

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Today we’ve received some indeed outstanding coverage from the UK. Our website was featured (small but mighty!) in UK’s second largest daily newspaper The Daily Mirror and they mentioned us on their website as well. All according to the motto, “Make assurance double sure…” 😉


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