Yasni Awards for the fourth quarter 2010

With the beginning of the new year we present the latest results of our series Awards for exceptional Yasni Exposés. Tedora, our VIP 1 International has published the long-awaited voting results of the Tedora Award for the fourth quarter 2010. The voting counted 40.000 votes. The awarding has taken place as a Christmas gift on Christmas Eve.

Yasni Awards by Tedora

Here are the results of the awarding for the fourth quarter in detail :

Platinum for Dirk Weeber (Thailand)

Gold for Sylvia Mitterer (Austria)

Silver for Eckart E. Glüer (Germany)

Silver for Manuella Muerner-Marioni (Switzerland)

Bronze forr Ute Schönherr (Germany)

Congratulations to all award winners!

Please note that the next awarding will take place at the beginning of April 2011.

Here are the latest award nominations for the first quarter 2011:

Bruno Würtenberger (Switzerland)

Daniela Pellen (Germany)

Ingrid Maria Haimerl (Germany)

Martin Halter (Switzerland)

You’ll find arguments for the nomination here. Just take a look around, check out the nominees and of course vote for them if you like.

Have fun participating in the voting and a Happy New Year 2011 to all of you.

Yours, Bernard Bonvivant, author of the novel „Das Chaos”, VIP 1 Germany

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