To become more visible for human resource departments

It is well-known that companies search for appropriate candidates and check their appearance on the internet. Therefore, it is essential to be found on the internet with the correct information, because: The internet never forgets! However, how can online profiles on platforms such as Yasni and LinkedIn be effectively used while searching for a job?

When searching for a job, both the virtual and the real world have the following in common: A well-functioning network facilitates the trip to the new workplace. Nevertheless, an active and positive self-presentation of one’s own person including all skills, strengths, expert knowledge, and experiences is very decisive.

It is also important that the data in the application documents comply with the information on the internet. Otherwise, the human resource staff might be taken aback. Therefore, authentic information is necessary, because lies or exaggerations can be easily verified on the internet and damage one’s reputation.

Where is the best site to register on and what information should be posted on a profile or Exposé? It is also of vital interest that the platform is known for its respectable range. Even the best curriculum vitae is of no use, if kept in private. Thus, it is important to ensure that the effort will be worthwhile. With over 50 million visitors a month worldwide Yasni certainly ensures range and visibility.

Here are a few tips:

  • Keep your profile/Exposé up to date and make sure that human resurce staff can contact you, if interested.
  • Keep loggin in on a regular basis and show reasonable activity on the platform. No spam!
  • Enter suitable keywords in your profile/Exposé in order to be more visible on the internet.

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