No Right to be Forgotton on the Internet

Anyone, who publicly posts statements on the Internet that are intended for the general public cannot assert a right to be forgotten afterwards. However, should the Internet “learn” to forget, when the term “digital eraser” was chosen as non-word of the year several months ago? Even if a forced deletion of information would restrict communication, transparency, and the availability of information?

The question whether there is a right to be forgotten on the Internet will now soon be brought before the courts in the EU. The European Court of Justice will hear the case of a Spanish man who urges Google to erase his name from its search index. A controversial topic in which the Google’s position is clear: The search engine giant does not consider itself responsible for negative or inappropriate information from a person’s past and, therefore, won’t delete it from the Internet. Google sees itself as host of information, not controller or publisher.


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Tips on how to fill out the Yasni Exposé

Our free Yasni Exposé helps to be found better by customers and employers in search engines like Yasni, Google, and Bing. Of course, it is important that the Exposé contains correct information and the Exposé owner creates confidence.

First of all, it can be assured by specifying the full name in the Exposé as well as by honesty and transparency. Furthermore, for job seekers it is also helpful, if the information in the Exposé  tell a personal story. For that, we now give you ten questions you should ask yourselves when dealing with career portals. Continue reading Tips on how to fill out the Yasni Exposé