Protect your own good reputation

As in real life, people, companies, and trademarks rely on a good reputation. Even the smallest information and half-truths spread very fast and can be found everywhere on the internet. A good Online Reputation can be damaged within seconds by a displeased business competitor or just a “nice” friend.


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5 Ways To Secure Online Identity and Information

These days, you can never be too cautious in what you reveal online. Especially now that identity theft is at a rise, everyone who has an internet connection may be a victim. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus may offer a fun and harmless place of network and communication. However, there are bits of information that go unfiltered and become damaging media especially to the minds of young people. Worse, they may even get their identities stolen or become targets for criminals. It’s best to take certain precautions if you wish to socialize with people you don’t see upfront.

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