Is Privacy a Thing of The Past?

I have just read an interesting article on about privacy on the internet and whether or not there is even such a thing these days.

With growing developments within the online world, it seems it is getting easier to find out any information you would ever want to know about an individual and people are living their lives completely transparently through the internet without even realising it.

There was a big news story in the UK where the wife of Britain’s Spy Chief was using Facebook and posted photographs of them on holiday and told people where they lived; not only damaging to her husband’s career, but also potentially life-threatening due to the nature of his role.

According to the study, it is not only social networking sites that pose a problem. Alberta Health Services, the first in Canada to use electronic health records, lost 11,000 private records recently thanks to a hacker.

Once again, this reiterates the importance of regularly monitoring your online profile and ensuring that your address, telephone number and even your medical records aren’t being displayed publicly on the internet!