Time management instead of time trap

Social networks – they don’t always necessarily cost your job, but definitely a lot of time. We are active on the net and chat, write, post, read, inform, comment, like, tweet, pin and whatever else there is. And in addition to contacts, creativity, and a certain desire to communicate you definitely need sufficient time in order to manage and maintain all your presences on the web.

For some of us time is a scarce resource and, therefore, precious. The best solution would be time management, because time is one of the few resources that cannot be recovered. Thus, you should also establish a strategy for your network activities to sort tasks by importance and urgency so that networking won’t become a time trap and you won’t get bogged down in all those different networks and profiles. Continue reading Time management instead of time trap

The story behind Facebook

A movie about Facebook?!? The only question now is, whether Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg likes what he gets to see in The Social Network. The film by director David Fincher comes to the cinemas this october and describes the story behind the founding of Facebook. We will see whether the film remains close to the facts or goes to “hollywoodish”. In a first statement, Mark Zuckerberg made clear that the film is pure fiction and has nothing to do with reality. Atfer watching that trailer, i’ve probably said the same…  😉

How is your first impression? Will you watch the film? It will be really interesting to see, how Facebook deals with this critical movie. Facebook is actually taking a lot of criticism because of their statements concerning privacy. In this matter, we have a slightly different opinion than Facebook!

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