O…R…M…[Online Reputation Monitoring]

ORM is an acronym for Online Reputation Monitoring.

I have recently introduced an activity of our recent study in a blog post here titled “Importance of a central user generated content validation system”

Content validation help one’s credibility increase in complex online world. However, the validation activity itself is inadequate in the full life cycle of reputation management process. Another key function is reputation monitoring. ORM can be resembled to an automated systems tool which monitor the critical systems 24/7/365 to ensure that they are available and perform within SLA (agreed service levels).

The best solution to online reputation monitoring is to have a centralised tool like Yasni. A number of social and professional networking sites have this function in an integral part of the system usually embedded as part of the feedback obtained from the members for the content creators. Yasni has a well embedded monitoring system to achieve to this end. I believe other emerging social networks can leverage this functionality as perhaps by creating some APIs linked to Yasni’s core application infrastructure.

Talking about APIs, I noticed that my content in Twitter, Linkedin, Naymz and Ecademy are picked up easily through Google by Yasni in the same day. I still do some kind of manual work to claim my own content but the effort is minimal, 2-3 minutes a day which worth the invested time. Then with this little invested effort, Yasni performs the monitoring for us i.e. we can see how our content credibility in a dashboard-like view such as whether it is going, up, down or gradual.

How is your content monitored on Internet?

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  1. @ How is your content monitored on Internet?

    First monitor I used was google alert. Now this still runs but I rather pay attention to what yasni delivers.

    Excellent Christmas dribbling, Mehmet.

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