Sense of harmonious proportionality

I still believe that art and science are strongly interrelated and philosophy fills in the gaps and/or provides essential connectivity. You can guess what technology, religion and epistemology relate in this equation and resemblance.

What is sense of harmonious proportionality? It is symmetry. There is symmetry in objects in various ratios. Symmetry in dictionaries is usually defined as “an imprecise sense of harmonious or aesthetically pleasing proportionality and balance such that it reflects beauty or perfection”. There are various kinds of symmetry such as, reflection, rotational translational, helical, and most prominently fractals developed by one of our genius colleagues who works in schreIBMaschine you may know who he is.

Today I am inspired by a recent scientific discovery. It is exciting to see that golden ratio discovered in a quantum world. In fact hidden symmetry was observed for the first time in solid state matter. Details in the new issue of Science Journal, titled “Quantum Criticality in an Ising Chain: Experimental Evidence for Emergent E8 Symmetry

I am also inspired by a world premiere, previously unseen show in Melbourne, Australia depicting extraordinary work of Leonardo Da Vinci. It is titled Anatomy of Robots: The Artist, The Anatomist, The Inventor.

Here’s a sample symmetry experience from Da Vinci’s work

Ref: image source

Do you notice symmetry in your daily life? What sort of feeling does it give to you when you recognise it. Is it also part of your day to day life at home, outside, in the workplace? How about the asymmetric aspects?

Mehmet Yildiz

3 thoughts on “Sense of harmonious proportionality”

  1. Yeah, Mehmet, I notice that in my daily life too. Even on yasni where there’s more or less symmetry or harmonious proportion or smileys in profiles.

    Back to real life . . . I see a perfect symmetry first thing every morning when I change nappies for Alan including a harmonious proportionality of pure love and joy.

    @ asymmetric aspects
    Reminds me of Picasso. If you have a closer look . . . you’ll find that the symmetry is included . . . hehehe . . .

  2. I experienced already as a child the symmetry of our body. My grandmother teached it me. So I learned that bying socks you have not to know the size of your feet. You simply put the socks around your fist and if it suits there well, it will fit your feet as well. So I learned some other geometrics of the human body, what enables us to purchase clothes without trying them. She always said: Your body is geometrical…

    Later I learned that it is absolutely true and that we find in our body the Golden Ratio very often…

    Further I arrange the table or any other things at home always symmetrical. I did it unconsciously till anybody called my attention to that.

    Yes, I’m absolutely agree with you, Mehmet. The symmetry is our being and the world around us is about symmetry. I even have heard that all our life is no more than symmetry, i.e. mathematic.

    For that reason Pythagoras became such a great mathemetic, as he believed: “Dealing with mathematics means to being with God”

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