Importance of sharing for business and beyond

Sharing my knowledge is an important aspect of life. Fortunately, my organisation (IBM) recommends us provide give back activities to communities and society which is a kind of implementation of sharing at business level. This means that when I provide giveback activities as an employee I get credit for my career development.

Today, I would like to highlight one of the specific sharing tool on the web which called the Slideshare. It is a networking tool based on sharing knowledge specifically presentation materials globally. It is a powerful and flexible tool which allow us to share with a target group or everyone.

For example, I decided to share my public conference presentations at the Slideshare which can be viewed from this link. I’d appreciate it if you can follow me and recommend my presentation to relevant people in your networks. If you are a member of Slideshare, please let me know and I will follow you too. The more the merrier!

Let’s remember that shared knowledge exponentially grow! And knowledge is certainly power for our business!!

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